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We Have Two Plans

  • $150 per week flat fee: In this plan we charge 4% but not more than $150 per week per truck build every week.
  • Paper work only plan-$50 per week: This plan is for the owner operators or drivers who like to take their own loads but not having time or ability to fill out the paperwork (broker-carrier packets) and do invoicing. In that case we are here for you.

Our Paper Work Plan:

  • Completing Carrier Packets
  • Submitting Invoices to the Factoring Co.
  • Unlimited Number of Packets Per 2 Trucks

Our Flat Fee Plan:

  • 4% of Revenue not more than $150 Per Week
  • No Hidden Or Signup Charges
  • Payload & FSC = 100% Yours
  • Unlimited Gross Revenue
  • Personal Dispatcher
  • Unlimited number of loads per week
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